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70+ Ableton Live Instrument presets featuring a wide range of classic synth sounds heard in many mainstream records. From deep basses, warm analog pads, bouncy synth plucks to West-coast G leads - you'll find all the go-to synth sounds much more! Every sound comes dry, making it easy to be paired up with your favorite combination of audio effects.

Each preset has also been meticulously crafted with its own set of unique macros. Turn one of the eight knobs on the preset for instant sound design gratification. Experience quick load times as all presets are optimized for high performance and low CPU consumption.

Works with Ableton Live Suite version 10.1 and above. No third-party plugins required.

Type Free Demo Full Version
Bass 2 20
Lead 2 12
Pad 3 24
Pluck 3 17

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Integrated With Ableton Live

Carefully Curated

We work closely with our creators to ensure all our custom-made Ableton Live integrations are useful, creative and fun to use!

Unique Macros

Each pack comes with its own set of macros that reflect the unique personalities of the creator. Adjust any of the knobs for instant sound design gratification!

CPU Efficient

Experience quick load times as all presets are optimized for high performance using Ableton Live devices. No-third party plug-ins are required.

Creator - Fortuna

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Charlie Harding

Such a fantastic pack with truly the essential synth sounds that Ableton is missing

Kieran McClay

Essential synths is full of useful sounds for producing any genre. The basses especially slap and have found their way onto most of my tracks. It’s incredibly easy to tweak any of the synths in this pack to completely change the vibe of your songs.

Joshua Marty

When you need something basic that is the best example of whatever synth you are looking for… This is the pack. The title of this pack is very indicative of the sounds inside. Essential. All the sounds are warm and full and are the perfect platform to shape and sound design from. Great collection!

Nick Katz

This pack has absolutely crazy value. First off, every preset is gold, the macros are well thought out and are easy to understand and use, and the educational value you can get from just opening up the rack to see how the sound was made in Operator or Wavetable just adds to the list of reasons you should get this pack.

Flight School

The leads in this pack are fire. There’s a reason this is called Essential. You can’t go wrong with any of these sounds.