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Freaky Synths

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53 Ableton Live Instrument presets based on TEE’s favourite sounds on the Arturia MicroFreak synthesizer. From gnarly bass lines, super expressive pads, lush plucks to screeching leads - you’ll find a versatile selection of wild yet functional sounds to inspire your next creation.

Each preset has been meticulously crafted with its own set of unique macros. Turn one of the eight knobs on the preset for instant sound design gratification! Experience quick load times as all presets are optimized for high performance and mostly operate under 5% CPU consumption.

Works with Ableton Live Intro, Standard and Suite version 10.1 and above. No third-party plugins required.

Type Free Demo Full Version
Bass 2 10
Pad 2 10
Pluck 2 10
Synth 2 23

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Carefully Curated

We work closely with our creators to ensure all our custom-made Ableton Live integrations are useful, creative and fun to use!

Unique Macros

Each pack comes with its own set of macros that reflect the unique personalities of the creator. Adjust any of the knobs for instant sound design gratification!

CPU Efficient

Experience quick load times as all presets are optimized for high performance using Ableton Live devices. No-third party plug-ins are required.

Creator - TEE

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Nick Katz

Are you kidding me? the one shots alone would be more than worth the price of admission, but the fact everything is mapped to their own unique macro fx rack gives you so much versatility and control over every sound without even having to think. If you use Ableton, don't sleep on this pack.

Freezy Beatz

Freaky Synths by Tee is a very versatile pack ! There is so many synth samples to play with. Those little extra sounds that you are looking for to complete a track he's got in this pack.


I always look for sounds that will inspire me from the first chord. A sound that as soon as it is played, makes me want to write a song. Something that inspires a mood instantly. All of these sounds do that and the flexibility and functionality built into each instrument to tweak the sound at the twist of a knob is incredible.

Kieran McClay

Freaky synths is an incredibly unique pack. The leads absolutely scream and the pads are rich. I reach for this pack anytime I need to build the energy to take a song to the next level. It pairs perfectly with essential synths 5/5


Inspirational pack with a large variety of unique instruments and sounds. Easy sound design through the intuitively designed parameters to tweak and shape the synths. I make funk & soul beats but these could be used across any genres. Thanks TEE!