Experimental Trap Sample pack

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Experimental Trap

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Featuring 122 organic, hard-hitting trap and experimental samples guaranteed to add some intriguing textures to your songs.

Packed with aggressive 808's, smacking drums, crispy claps, ear-candy foley, wide hits, catchy loops and extra surprising sounds.

This pack will surely give your song some more edge, grit, and modern flare.

Type Total
Bass 7
Claps 20
Drums 11
Extra Sounds 17
Foley 33
Hits 9
Loops 25

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Creator - Wundr.

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Customer Reviews

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Sara J

its a really nice pack. Like reallllllyyyy nice lol. The samples are really fresh, I haven't really heard anything quite like it. I'm really curious how he made them, like the Floss loop in Foley 🤔 how?!? Its like they all have their own personality. My fave sample is Shaker Loop #5, sooo groovy man. I can't wait to make something with this pack. Good job Wundr.

Nick Katz

Experimental Trap is packed full of unique one shots and loops. All these sounds are crunchy and just flat out powerful. I love all the modern textures, the distorted fills, and just how much variation there is in here. Everything just layers perfectly with each other.

Luca Garcia

The experimental trap sound pack by Wundr is full of gritty, thick sounds that will undoubtedly add edgyness to your sound, and weight to the whole track


For a lot of artists it’s hard to point out their “signature” but with Experimental trap you can really feel the actual uniqueness that wundr brings into his own music. The pack is very diverse, the intention was to get out of your comfort zone and pushing you to be experimental which it definitely does. The foley is my favorite section because it encourages me to use and create more pockets in my drums.

Amanda Jade

I've been loving WUNDR's Experimental Trap sample pack lately - the aggressive tones add so many sonic textures to my beats. I can either use entire loops or chop them up to sprinkle a little spice throughout my songs. It's been a lot of fun experimenting with these home-made sounds.