About Us


How we came to be and what we stand for

PROMU symbolizes the belief that the modern-day producer is a unique blend of musician meets magician. It represents the musical wizardry that efficiently bridges the gap between an idea in our heads to the sound we want to hear through our speakers.

The Power of Creative Preparation.

Over the course of my career as a producer/songwriter, I’ve grown a fascination with inspiration and its direct relation to one of our biggest challenges: the ability to strike while the iron is hot.

I’ve been in the studio with countless songwriters and artists and found the vibe can easily be killed because I didn’t have the right sound at my fingertips, couldn’t come up with the perfect chord progression, or struggled with a technical issue (CPU spikes, freezing, crashing) and took too long to make something happen.

Because of this I started obsessing over ways to improve all areas of my workflow. For example, I began making creative instruments and effects from scratch that allowed me to quickly dial in the sound I wanted without bogging down my CPU.

When I realized that my peers were also frustrated by similar vibe-killing moments, the idea for PROMU was born. I wanted to help others optimize their creative workflow by sharing my personal inspirational tools.

The Power of Collaboration.

PROMU could have never come to life without the programming prowess of my co-founding partner Dien. We met when he reached out to me for Ableton Live lessons, and we instantly connected over our similar mindsets.

Tired of drowning in a sea of monotony, sifting through the same old presets, Dien was looking for a new sound. Like me, he was eager to find fresh inspiration and innovative ways to create, so we joined forces to take PROMU from an idea to fruition.

The Power of Community.

Working with some of the best in the industry over the past decade, I firmly believe that "your network is your net worth".

With that in mind, I invited my trusted industry peers to be a part of PROMU. They’ve submitted tools that are unique to them, and included ways we can engage with their networks. To build on this momentum, PROMU will eventually be open to submissions. Each contributor will be selected based on his or her impeccable taste and inventive creativity—focusing on quality versus quantity.

I’m so excited to share and build this marketplace with you!

- TEE (co-founder, creator)