[FREE] MicroFreak Starter Pack

MicroFreak Vol. 1 by TEE
MicroFreak Vol. 1 by TEE
MicroFreak Vol. 1 by TEE


MicroFreak Vol. 1 by TEE

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All sounds in the above demo are made from presets in this pack.

In this FREE starter pack you will find five high-quality, versatile Ableton Live Instrument Racks that are based off of some of my favourite sounds on my Arturia MicroFreak synthesizer.

I have carefully sampled these sounds from the hardware unit itself and even added my own flavour to each of the presets. Every Instrument Rack comes with its own unique set of macros that allow you to shape the sound subtly or morph it to an entirely different sound if you so desire!


  • Five great sounding presets right out of the box that will inspire you create
  • Easy to use instrument racks with powerful macros that can shape your sound in an instant
  • Extremely low CPU usage
  • Works in Ableton Live Lite, Intro, Standard and Suite
  • Does not require any third-party VST's to operate